Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is particularly vulnerable to air, moisture, sweat, cosmetics or chemicals.
It is normal for metals to oxidize or discolor over time, but contact with liquids or other substances can accelerate this process.
To prevent this as much as possible, it is recommended to store in an airtight container such as a zipper bag and store in a safe place, avoiding air contact when not wearing it.
Discolored silverware can be restored by rubbing it with a polished cloth and wiping it.

14K Gold Plated

Products plated with 14K gold on sterling silver are resistant to sweat, moisture and hand sanitizer.
After wearing, gently wipe the oil and sweat off the surface of the jewelry with a dry cloth.
After wiping, put it in an airtight container such as a zipper bag to avoid oxidization.
Do not polish and put chemicals! plating can be removed.

with Pearls

Pearls are so soft that they can be subject to scratching and are sensitive to chemical reactions.
It is recommended to wear jewelry at the last stage after applying and spraying products such as cosmetics and perfumes.
After wearing, wipe with a soft cotton cloth.
Do not use silver cleaning chemicals.

with Gemstones

Kimzistudio uses only high-quality natural stones.
These are delicate gems that can break if not properly maintained.
After wearing, gently clean the jewelry with mild dish soap.
After it is completely dry, put it in an airtight container such as a zipper bag to prevent air blockage and store it in a safe place.

Covid 19

Sterling silver jewelry is safe even when exposed to hand sanitizers or hand soaps.
However, since residue may remain on the metal surface to deteriorate the gloss, in this case, wipe it off with water using dish soap, and then use a gloss cloth.
For 14K gold plated product or jewelry set with gemstones or pearls be careful not to expose to hand sanitizer they should only be cleaned gently with warm soap and water.
When you use hand sanitizers or hand soaps, remove the jewelry for a while, dry your hands, and wear them again.



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